Updates to SignalSolver Sentiment Results

Daily updates of Sentiment for selected symbols

Daily updates to the SignalSolver Sentiment results

Paper trade updates to the posted Sentiment runs and some additional symbols will be shown here. These updates are posted before the market open. Tickers which have just changed sentiment will show as "Turned" and will be paper traded at the next open following the date shown. We show the equity from a fixed date, currently July 16th 2021, the date we started paper trading this particular basket of symbols. The start date of the equity curve ($10,000) can be found in the postings:


Ticker Date: Sentiment Jul-16-2021 Current Return
AAPL 10/26/21: Turned  Bearish $32,323 $34,647 7.2%
TQQQ 10/26/21:  Bullish $98,781 $128,216 29.8%
FNGU 10/26/21:  Bullish $444,937 $555,105 24.8%
SOXL 10/26/21:  Bullish $43,184 $49,962 15.7%
SQQQ 10/26/21:  Bearish $39,752 $46,779 17.7%
TECL 10/26/21:  Bullish $36,013 $41,371 14.9%
FAS 10/26/21:  Bullish $38,983 $59,508 52.7%
GUSH 10/26/21:  Bullish $100,476 $88,525 -11.9%
Average: 18.8%
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