You need to update

The version of SignalSolver you are running is out of date, sorry. Please visit the downloads page to pick up the new version (1.3y). For all licensed customers this upgrade is free.

What is fixed in 1.3y?

Yahoo made some changes in March 2020 to the way dividends are reported and you may get an error when loading the stock prices for securities with no dividends.

Issues fixed in 1.3x

Yahoo changed the way stock splits are reported on Jan 29th 2020, from “3 for 2” format to “3:2” style, which leads to users getting a “Subscript out of range” error on versions 1.3w and prior if splits are found in the stock of interest.

Is there a workaround to make my existing documents functional?

A simple workaround to make existing files functional is to find the VBA line (Developer->Visual Basic) which contains the text “Error in reading Yahoo Splits. Trying Morningstar…” and just comment out that line by preceding it with a single quote character “‘”.

Version 1.3y

  • Break-fix for Yahoo dividend fetch

Features added in 1.3x

  • Fix for the Yahoo Splits format change (above)
  • Better characterization of Reset trades (positions which close at end of period or period open)
  • Trade count exit can now be 550 (from 500)

Features added in 1.3w

  • Adds Sentiment History tab for aggregating sentiment for multiple algorithms
  • Adds the Current Sentiment tab for calculating sentiment for a list of symbols
  • Has the ability to update the Algorithms tab when settings or data are changed.
  • Correctly shows the (short) Company Name from JSON
  • Allows Moving Averages up to 250 periods
  • Adds the ability to limit the number of trades
  • Adds the ability to save Seeks to a specific scan level
  • Won’t test duplicate algorithms on a seek
  • Algorithms with Reset At Close/Open now have logic to exclude hypotheticals
  • Reset algorithms seek in a faster more logical way
  • Ability to include “before close” prices of current day/week/month into backtest
  • Minor bug fixes

Note: 1.3w will no longer download Yahoo price data after the trial period is over.

Thanks for using SignalSolver.