You need to update

The version of SignalSolver you are running is out of date, sorry. Please visit the upgrade page to pick up the new version (1.4g-231116). For all licensed customers this upgrade is free.

What has changed in 1.4g

Company Name no longer uses JSON.

What has changed in 1.4f

The Morningstar web queries for split and spin-off information can fail in a way that makes SignalSolver hang. Version 1.4f bypasses these queries. Since Yahoo data is already adjusted for splits, these queries are no longer vital to the operation of SignalSolver.

What has changed in 1.4e?

Earlier versions have an issue which affects algorithms close to their Trade Count limit or Drawdown limits during a Sentiment run.

If Trade Count Exits and/or Drawdown exits occur inside a Sentiment run on a RUN cycle (i.e. not Seek or Scan cycle), the results on the Algorithm tab may not reflect the fact that the algorithm hit the Trade Count or the Drawdown limit and the resulting Sentiment will not be accurate.

In 1.4e, if the algorithm hits a Trade Count or Drawdown limit on a RUN cycle it will be demoted correctly by the sort to a zero return position in the list which will exclude it from the Sentiment calculation.

What has changed in 1.4d?

  1. EmulateURL error on Dividend fetch (due to Yahoo not requiring Cookie-Crumb authentication) fixed
  2. Wizard tab settings not transferring properly to Settings page fixed
  3. Sentiment tab checkbox behavior improved
  4. Added data integrity checks when Continuing a sentiment run
  5. Sentiment run will not repeat last line if data has not changed
  6. Improved user interaction during Sentiment runs which could become unresponsive
  7. Protection issue with Sentiment Dashboard controls fixed
  8. Split factor on Data Prep tab changed to allow correction for split on current date
  9. Error on Threshold Surface label (IRETURN) fixed
  10. Circular reference if Days To Analyze plus Offset greater than 800-fixed
  11. 1.4d does not require a license key and there is no free trial for this version.

What has changed in 1.4c?

  1. Fixes an issue with counting calendar weeks, calendar months and trading days within the Sentiment run after a “Pause” then “Run” has been initiated. Prior to this fix the seek and scan counts could be incorrect leading to missed or extra seeks or scans in the Sentiment run.
  2. Fixes an issue with the Webquery Start Date and Webquery End Date settings. Prior to the fix, the historical data could be truncated depending on the exact dates. This was due to a change in Yahoo webquery causing us to switch to JSON data some time ago.
  3. Added functionality in the RemoteModule to enable query of any cell in the spreadsheet and a query of the Sentiment History sheet to retrieve any column by date, a bit like VLookup.
  4. Certain variable have been unobfuscated by special user request.

What has changed in 1.4b?

1.4b-210720a increases the capacity of the sentiment run from 426 dates to 800.

1.4b-210719a makes minor changes to the version and copyright notices.

1.4b has minor changes to sentiment runs. If the user presses run and no new price data is available on the Data Prep worksheet, the program will go out for updated prices. It will erase the last day of the existing sentiment run and re-do that day, that is it assumes the last day had partial prices, so it updates the analysis. This makes it easy to perform and automate a periodic (daily, weekly, monthly) update to the sentiment.

1.4b has a module RemoteModule which has functions which help the user automate sentiment runs. For example, at the end of the day you could automate the process of updating prices, continuing a sentiment run, reading the sentiment (e.g. “Turned Bullish”) and emailing out a notification.

What is fixed in 1.4a?

1.4a has slightly different logic for Sentiment Runs. 1.3z always required a threshold crossing before a signal was generated, however Version 1.4a generates a signal on day one if the sentiment is either above or below both the buy and sell thresholds. Also, if the threshold moved to a value that had not yet been crossed during the sentiment run (through threshold optimization or otherwise), version 1.3z would not generate a signal. These changes can and probably will affect sentiment runs which were made using version 1.3z as it also affects the threshold optimization values which now also include the day one logic. Visit the download page

What is fixed in 1.3z?

1.3z adds the Sentiment Dashboard. This new feature allows you to simulate trading using SignalSolver Sentiment to generate signals.

What is fixed in 1.3y?

Yahoo made some changes in March 2020 to the way dividends are reported and you may get an error when loading the stock prices for securities with no dividends.

Issues fixed in 1.3x

Yahoo changed the way stock splits are reported on Jan 29th 2020, from “3 for 2” format to “3:2” style, which leads to users getting a “Subscript out of range” error on versions 1.3w and prior if splits are found in the stock of interest.

Is there a workaround to make my existing documents functional?

A simple workaround to make existing files functional is to find the VBA line (Developer->Visual Basic) which contains the text “Error in reading Yahoo Splits. Trying Morningstar…” and just comment out that line by preceding it with a single quote character “‘”.

Version 1.3y

  • Break-fix for Yahoo dividend fetch

Features added in 1.3x

  • Fix for the Yahoo Splits format change (above)
  • Better characterization of Reset trades (positions which close at end of period or period open)
  • Trade count exit can now be 550 (from 500)

Features added in 1.3w

  • Adds Sentiment History tab for aggregating sentiment for multiple algorithms
  • Adds the Current Sentiment tab for calculating sentiment for a list of symbols
  • Has the ability to update the Algorithms tab when settings or data are changed.
  • Correctly shows the (short) Company Name from JSON
  • Allows Moving Averages up to 250 periods
  • Adds the ability to limit the number of trades
  • Adds the ability to save Seeks to a specific scan level
  • Won’t test duplicate algorithms on a seek
  • Algorithms with Reset At Close/Open now have logic to exclude hypotheticals
  • Reset algorithms seek in a faster more logical way
  • Ability to include “before close” prices of current day/week/month into backtest
  • Minor bug fixes

Note: 1.3w will no longer download Yahoo price data after the trial period is over.

Thanks for using SignalSolver.