Download SignalSolver--Free 14 day trial

SignalSolver is a .xlsm Excel workbook which runs on Excel 2016, 2013, 2010. Neither the VBA code nor the worksheets are password protected--you have access the (obfuscated) code and can add your own features and manipulate the data by unlocking the sheets. SignalSolver can't gather any information from your computer. It pulls historic stock prices, splits, dividend and spin-off information from Yahoo and Morningstar. There are hyperlinks to the help system which is located on this web site. New users will be able to use the fully functional tool free for 14 days after which there is a one-time charge of $59.99 for an activation key.

Download SignalSolver

A digitally signed .xlsm file. Size 3.0MB, Version 1.3w