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HistoricalPrices Add-in

Import historical prices into Excel from Yahoo with no VBA

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Pull over 800 types of FREE financial information into Excel. Set up real-time portfolios and watch lists.


Trading signals revealed

  • Now you can find trading strategies which would have worked well
  • Introducing SignalSolver
  • Just enter a stock symbol, SignalSolver does the rest
  • Daily, weekly or monthly stock price data is downloaded from the web
  • SignalSolver backtests the stock price data
  • SignalSolver presents the best trading strategy it finds
  • A bar graph compares buy-hold with SignalSolver trading strategy
  • SignalSolver gives statistics on the trading strategy
  • Equity curve shows growth of capital over time for the trading strategy
  • Signals and positions, long or short, are clearly displayed overlayed on the equity curve
  • Graphs and tables give detailed information on the backtest results for the trading strategy