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MSFT Trading Strategy (Daily)

Here is a strategy that worked on MSFT for the last 2 years. It gave returns around five times better than buy-hold, a total return of 360% vs. 70% for buy-hold. Drawdown was 10.6% vs. 17.9% for buy-hold. Backtest results are shown in the graphs below. MSFT daily trading strategy MSFT daily trading strategy, performance […]

SPY Trading Strategy (Weekly)

Shows the results of backtesting a trading strategy for the stock SPY (SPDR S&P 500 ETF) over the 10 year period 1/18/05 to 2/23/15. This was a weekly strategy meaning that it needed setting up once a week, and it traded once a week or less. I chose this strategy because it gave the best […]

MU Trading Strategy (Monthly)

Micron Technologies monthly trading strategy, 46% Annualized Return, 25 yearsPlease note, this post was edited Jan 6th 2016 to correct an error in the short-side calculations. The original post showed an annualized return of 57%, which was erroneous. Below are shown the corrected results for this algorithm. Micron Technology (MU) trading strategy base on monthly […]

LRN Trading Strategy (Weekly)

K12 Inc (LRN) Update 12/27/2015 The above plots have been corrected for an error in the short side calculations. Below are updated equity curves and tables up until Dec 2015. The algorithm lost 13.6% over this time. The underlying stock dropped by 37.2%. Update 10/19/2016 Since first publication in Feb 2015, this strategy has outperformed […]

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