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Purchase SignalSolver for $59.99

  • SignalSolver is licensed using license keys which depend on node and user
  • Multiple copies of SignalSolver share the license key on the same node, one time entry
  • The UserID for your instance is located on the EULA tab of the spreadsheet
  • Cost is $59.99 US per user (up to two license keys will be issued per purchase)
  • We only accept PayPal and credit cards through PayPal (We can't access or store any personal info)
  • Please enter the UserID(s) for each device in the box below then click Buy Now
  • We will email the activation key(s), usually within hours (this is a manual process, sorry)
  • License keys are permanent for a given host/user and work across releases
  • To upgrade a license key or to request a second key email support@algorithmscience.com
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