Microsoft (MSFT) Signals Equity

Microsoft (MSFT) Signals-Daily

These Microsoft (MSFT) signals traded as directed would have performed around 3.4 times better than buy-hold with an ROI of 350% for the period 16-Aug-16 to 19-Sep-18 The above trading signals for Microsoft (MSFT) were selected from over a million backtest results for their reward/risk and parameter sensitivity characteristics. Backtests don’t always generate reliable signals […]

MSFT Signals Weekly Equity

MSFT (Microsoft) Signals – Weekly

These trading signals for MSFT were selected from 1,220,000 backtest results for their reward/risk and parameter sensitivity characteristics. While backtests don’t typically provide reliable signals which can always be counted on moving forward, many swing traders find value in knowing what buy and sell signals would have worked over time. For the 528 week (10.1 […]

MSFT Trading Strategy (Daily)

Here is a strategy that worked on MSFT for the last 2 years. It gave returns around five times better than buy-hold, a total return of 360% vs. 70% for buy-hold. Drawdown was 10.6% vs. 17.9% for buy-hold. Backtest results are shown in the graphs below. On Jan-5-2016 this post was corrected for a short-side […]


EXCEL TOOLS For traders and investors

HistoricalPrices (macro version)

Download historical stock prices into Excel Spreadsheet gives you both CSV and JSON interfaces There’s a lot to like about Yahoo Finances’ historical prices. Firstly it covers so many (over 75) stock exchanges and so many different types of security–stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, indices, commodity futures, currencies and cryptocurrencies. Secondly, its free, at least for […]

HistoricalPrices Add-in Help

HistoricalPrices Add-in Help Video contents 0:40 Loading the add-in 1:40 Basic operation 2:30 Symbol by reference 3:17 Changing the range 4:35 Limits on data 5:00 Refresh buttons 7:00 Automatic refresh 7:20 Splits and dividends 8:30 Filtering nulls 9:35 Customizing fields 10:52 Headers 11:11 Multi-symbol table 15:00 UTC Offset 15:30 Date filtering 15:55 PriceOnDate function 17:06 […]

Get company financial data in Excel

JeX Financial Import financial data into Excel Understandably, many people prefer to monitor stock market/portfolio activity using Excel because its extremely flexible. But how do you import company financial data into Excel? Cutting and pasting is simply not viable for serious work where many quantities are involved. You need access to financial data streams. Before […]

Pull Yahoo JSON historical stock data into Excel

Many people were blindsided in May 2017 by Yahoo Finance complicating the ancient and trusty URLs which returned Comma Separated Values (CSV) for historical stock data. I have published a workaround for that problem, but I also wanted to have a backup ready in case the interface gets even more obscure or goes away […]

Summary of Signalgorithm trading strategy Oct 2016

Summary of Strategy Performance Oct 2016

This update covers 26 strategies published 2/10/15 through 9/18/15. For the analysis we measure the results of investing $10K in each strategy on the day of publication. 17 of the strategies made a loss over the entire period, however 5 of these were strategies that broke down after showing a profit. Overall Results vs HoldTotal […]