GOOGL (Alphabet Inc.) Signals – Weekly

These Alphabet Inc. GOOGL signals were selected from 1,240,000 backtest results for their reward/risk and parameter sensitivity characteristics. While backtests don’t typically provide reliable signals which can always be counted on moving forward, many swing traders find value in knowing what buy and sell signals would have worked over time. For the 528 week (10.1 […]

GOOGL Trading Strategy (Weekly)

Here is a Google Inc (GOOGL) trading strategy with once a week intervention which would have performed significantly better than buy-hold over the last 10 years. Annualized return was 31.5% vs. 16.5% (returning $149K for 10K outlay vs $36.7K, compounded), drawdown was 40.2% vs. 62.4%, so reward/risk was better. The buy and cover signal (see […]

Summary of Signalgorithm trading strategy Oct 2016

Summary of Strategy Performance Oct 2016

This update covers 26 strategies published 2/10/15 through 9/18/15. For the analysis we measure the results of investing $10K in each strategy on the day of publication. 17 of the strategies made a loss over the entire period, however 5 of these were strategies that broke down after showing a profit. Overall Results vs HoldTotal […]

Download Signalsolver

Download SignalSolver–Free 14 day trial SignalSolver is a digitally codesigned .xlsm Excel workbook which runs on Excel 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 under Microsoft Windows. Mac is not supported. Neither the VBA code nor the worksheets are password protected–you have access to the VBA project (some of our code is obfuscated) and you can add […]