Amazon AMZN Signals Daily

Amazon (AMZN) Signals-Daily

These, Inc. (AMZN) signals traded as directed would have performed around 3.6 times better than buy-hold with an ROI of 391% for the period 02-Nov-16 to 07-Dec-18. This is a symmetrical algorithm with no buy or sell bias. “The trading signals for, Inc. (AMZN) were selected for their reward/risk, longevity and parameter sensitivity […]

AMZN Equity

AMZN (Amazon) Signals – Monthly

From Jul 2008 to Aug 2018, these trading signals for Amazon (AMZN) used as directed would have performed around 744 times better than buy-hold. For the 255 month (21.2 year) period from May 1 1997 to Jul 31 2018, these signals for, Inc. (AMZN) traded long and short would have yielded $5,434,919,985 in profits […]

AMZN Signals Weekly Equity

AMZN (Amazon) Signals – Weekly

For the 528 week (10.1 year) period from Jul 7 2008 to Aug 17 2018, these trading signals for, Inc. (AMZN) would have yielded $1,951,107 in profits from a $10,000 initial investment, an annualized return of 68.6%. If you had bought and held the stock for the same period the profit would have been […]

AMZN top 4 algorithms day by day

The out of sample multi-algorithm approach was quite successful for AMZN (see results) so lets do it live and see how it ends up. On Dec 21st, I did the optimization using the EMA band and Figure of merit optimization I have been talking about in the last few posts. For the next 25 trading […]

Multi-algorithm tests for AMZN

Today I will be looking at some very interesting results of multi-algorithm testing on the stock AMZN (Amazon). The idea here is to use SignalSolver to find multiple trading systems which performed well in the past, then run those systems simultaneously on out-of-sample forward data to see what would have happened had you followed them […]

AMZN 20,000,000% total return

In the time frame May 16th 1997 to Aug 1st 2016, this strategy gave a return of 88.9% compounded which amounts to over $219,000 for every dollar invested, that’s 518 times better than the performance of buy-hold which only gave $423. This screenshot shows the strategy description and performance along with messages warning if something […]

Multi-algorithm analysis for FB (Facebook)

Today, I’ll just throw out some more results from the multi-algorithmic testing I’ve been doing with SignalSolver. This time for Facebook (symbol FB). This is a stock which moved a lot in the time-frames used in the study. Could SignalSolver correctly predict and capitalize on these price movements? Let’s see… As described in the methodology […]

Multi-algorithm trading strategy testing- Portfolio and Methodology

“Two heads are better than one”, the saying goes. But can averaging improve trading systems? Can a multi-algorithm technique improve profitability and lower risk? After compiling the “Summary of Strategy Performance”, I was very curious to quantify if and for how long strategies such as those published here were profitable for. To do that, I […]