AAPL Trading System using SignalSolver Sentiment

AAPL Trading using SignalSolver Sentiment

AAPL trading using SignalSolver Sentiment Using multiple algorithms to drive trading strategy Methodology Shown above is the simulated result of trading AAPL using SignalSolver Sentiment. The sentiment is shown as a blue area chart in the background. The equity curve for the strategy is shown in yellow, buy-hold equity in white. Sentiment is calculated each […]

Apple (AAPL) Signals Daily Equity

Apple (AAPL) Signals-Daily

These Apple (AAPL) signals traded as directed would have performed around 2.4 times better than buy-hold with an ROI of 266% for the period 11-Aug-16 to 14-Sep-18 These trading signals for AAPL were selected from over a million backtest results for their reward/risk and parameter sensitivity characteristics. Backtests don’t always generate reliable signals which can […]

AAPL Signals Weekly Equity

AAPL (Apple) Signals – Weekly

For the 528 week (10.1 year) period from Jul 7 2008 to Aug 17 2018, these signals for Apple Inc. (AAPL) traded long and short would have yielded $1,024,775 in profits from a $10,000 initial investment, an annualized return of 58.3%. The long-side profit (buy/sell only, no shorts) for the signals was $414,729, an annualized […]

AAPL $31,000,000 trading strategy, equity curve

AAPL $31,000,000 Algorithm

This AAPL trading strategy would have given a return of $31,712,009 for every dollar invested in December 1980. That’s 123,000 times better than buy-hold, with nearly four times the annualized return (61.4% vs 16.7% for buy-hold) and roughly half the drawdown which  amounts to over six times better reward/risk than buy-hold. This is a variation […]

AAPL Trading Strategy (2)

This is an interesting AAPL trading strategy for the period 12/12/80 through 7/31/15, which would have generated $8,521,705,763 in profits from $10,000 initial investment. Buy and hold would have generated $2,744,894 in profit in the same period. The cover and buy signals were generated when the stock price dropped 37.77% below the 20 month exponential […]

AAPL Trading System (Monthly)

With $94 billion in profits (for $10K initial investment) this has one of the highest total returns I have seen for any algorithm.It is an interesting study, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a good system to trade moving forward. It is somewhat over-tuned, and the parameters are close to regions which would have failed. […]

Result tracking for SignalSolver Sentiment

Updates to SignalSolver Sentiment Results

Updates to SignalSolver Sentiment Results Daily updates of Sentiment for selected symbols Daily updates to the SignalSolver Sentiment results Paper trade updates to the posted Sentiment runs and some additional symbols will be shown here. These updates are posted before the market open. Tickers which have just changed sentiment will show as “Turned” and will […]

SignalSolver Sentiment

SignalSolver Sentiment Algorithm aggregation in action What is sentiment? When an analyst expresses a “bullish” sentiment about an investment it means that they think that the investment will increase in value. Similarly, “bearish” sentiment means the opposite-they think the value will fall. These are opinions usually based on many factors such as earnings forecasts and […]

Pull Yahoo JSON historical stock data into Excel

Many people were blindsided in May 2017 by Yahoo Finance complicating the ancient and trusty http://ichart.finance.yahoo.com/table.csv URLs which returned Comma Separated Values (CSV) for historical stock data. I have published a workaround for that problem, but I also wanted to have a backup ready in case the interface gets even more obscure or goes away […]